How far will some go to get their winning Powerball ticket?

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SLIDELL (WGNO)-- On the border of Mississippi and Louisiana is where you will find the legendary "last chance" gas station. It's nick name comes from it being your last chance to buy liquor and lottery tickets before entering the state of Mississippi . Mississippi is not one of the 44 states that participates in the lottery so residents flock to "last chance" to get their tickets. Wednesday's Powerball is up to 450 million so if you're like Scarlette Lockhart, you drove 100 miles just at a chance to get your hands on the golden ticket!


With $450,000,000 you could by 56 of the most expensive houses in Louisiana....extend Drew Brees's contract 4 and a half times, buy 92, 402, 464 pounds of craw fish....and bring one professional hockey team to New Orleans.

"I would take care of my mother, that's the top of my list," Said Scarlett Lockhart of Mississippi "as God as my witness I'll never go hungry again!"

Last chance is the regions highest retailer for tickets. Louisiana has had 15 Powerball jackpot winners, the last one was May 25, 2013 and the grand prize was $50,000,000.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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