MHSD – Metropolitan Human Services District

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Metropolitan Human Services District is here for you.

If you are a resident of Orleans, Plaquemines or St. Bernard Parish and you have a mental illness, developmental disability or addictive disorder related to gambling, alcohol or drugs, then Metropolitan Human Services District (MHSD) is here to help you get the services you need in order to live a healthy, productive life.

MHSD meets the needs of local residents in three ways:

  • First, we assess your needs and identify the best ways for you to receive support and services. All you have to do is call our Care Center during normal business hours at 504-568-3130. It’s free to call.
  • Second, in some cases, we provide direct services to meet your needs, through both MHSD clinics and MHSD-funded partner agencies.
  • Third, we lead an on-going effort with our partners to evaluate, refine, and strengthen community supports and services to ensure that residents are getting the highest quality, efficient care.

Visit MHSD online for more information

Need services?

Call the Care Center at 504-568-3130 during normal business hours.


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