Miles stays at LSU, as Tigers defeat Texas A&M

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It was the most bizarre night in the history of Tiger Stadium.

Somewhere in the middle of a three hour plus Les Miles lovefest, a football game was played.

LSU beat Texas A&M 19-7.

And, moments afterward director of athletics Joe Alleva announced that Les Miles was remaining as football coach.

“We want to move forward together and win championships.”

If only it were that simple.

In the last week and a half, the LSU brand took a major hit as rumors swirled about Miles’ future. As local and national media hammered the University for allegedly wanting to can Miles, Alleva refused to comment, saying he would wait until the end of the season.

In 10 days, a lot of damage has been done. And, a lot of questions left unanswered.

All Joe Alleva had to say was, none of it was true.

But, of course, it was.

LSU went on its safari hunt to land Jimbo Fisher from Florida State, but instead came back empty handed.

Reports from Tallahassee earlier on Saturday had Fisher meeting with the Florida State president.

Fisher, said those reports, told the president he was staying at Florida State.

So, we ask?

How does Les Miles undo the enormous damage that this fiasco did to his 2016 recruiting class and beyond?

What happens next year if LSU goes 9-3, and loses at home to Alabama?

Is Miles on a perpetual hot seat?

You can hear recruiters from other schools talking to prospects.

The message: don’t go to LSU. They tried to get rid of their coach, and didn’t.

But, it will happen soon. And, you will be at LSU, left in limbo.

And, there’s no arguing with that. Because it is true.

By postponing a football divorce, Joe Alleva, LSU chancellor F. King Alexander, and Les Miles are all on the clock.

If Miles wins big, he will have the hammer.

If he turns in another season like 2015, Alleva will have more discretion to pull the plug on Miles.

In the meantime, Saturday night was unforgettable.

Miles hugged his former defensive coordinator John Chavis, who bolted for Aggieland.

As Miles walked on the field, he was greeted by a prolonged standing ovation.

In the fourth quarter, the LSU student section chanted, we want Les!

Miles was then hoisted on the shoulders of his players after the game.

Les Miles was given a grand send off. Except, the good bye didn’t happen.

So, instead of divorce, we have an arranged marriage.

An ugly last 10 days are over, but the residue on the LSU football program, will linger.