Miles deserved better from LSU

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Les Miles

Editorial for November 23, 2015

Monday, LSU senior linebacker Lamar Louis reminded reporters.
“This is college football, this is big business.”
While that may be true, LSU could have handled its business so much better.
If LSU wanted to part ways with Les Miles, it could have done so with class and distinction. After all, Miles has represented the school in such a way, and won 110 of 142 football games.
Les Miles deserves better.
For the LSU administration to leak a story of Les Miles being in jeopardy of losing his job the week of the Ole Miss game is shameful.
With wins over Ole Miss and Texas A&M, LSU would likely wind up in the Sugar Bowl, and with a record of 9 wins, 2 losses.
Of course, that didn’t happen.
The Tigers were soundly whipped by Ole Miss in Oxford, only adding fuel to the flames.
And, no doubt adding fuel to the argument that Les Miles is no longer the man to lead LSU back to national prominence.
By refusing to comment on Les Miles’ status, director of athletics Joe Alleva has instead said much.
An LSU source said Monday that Miles and Alleva have just co-existed.
And, that Miles has not warmed up to boosters the way he should have.
“They were waiting for their opportunity, and the Arkansas game (31-14 loss) opened the door,” said the source.
Perhaps a Miles departure opens the door for Jimbo Fisher.
The Florida State head coach and former LSU offensive coordinator under Saban and Miles, has a five million dollar buyout.
Fisher was asked about the LSU job Monday, and his possible interest.
He didn’t say he wasn’t interested, but did dodge the question.
“I have no comment on that,” Fisher told reporters in Tallahassee. “I don’t speak about the job. That is unfair to the players that are there, and the players that are here. And, there is no job opening, so I am not going to comment on any job.”
The hiring of Fisher would be a major plum for director of athletics Joe Alleva.
But, if LSU fired Miles, and then has to go into a full blown search, that would be embarrassing.
And, almost as bad as the way Les Miles has been treated over the past week.