NOLA Artist Nora See’s twist on classic work

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- New Orleans artist Nora See's work is original with a classic feel.

We caught up See at her Lakeview studio and she explained,  "My current series is called Framed, and in it I take sometimes well known works of art, other times not so much, and I kind of re-tool them or re-boot them and change them in some ways to both tell a story and sort of perpetuate the notion of this continuum of form."

See is a former attorney, who decided to move on and pursue her dreams as an artist.  In the digital age, when classic images can be pulled up on any computer, See feels including these images in new paintings is the perfect homage.

"I like this idea that every image we see, even classic old paintings are continually evolving, and I kind of wanna bring it back to that place of paint instead of pixels on a screen," says See.

All of See's fine art can be framed, if you will, in the classic style.  Some of it even has a sense of humor, like the work titled Oral Fixation.

"That's an earlier series from framed, and in it each painting has it's own narrative, in a way that is conveyed in part by the object. You know, some of it's pretty obvious, like Snow White has an apple in from of her mouth, and Mick Jagger has the Rolling Stones logo in front of his mouth, but I also incorporate those little icons, with this sort of black and white painting which is reminiscent of like a newspaper article, so again there that reference to the past," explained See.

The beauty of See's work happens, with the company of the rescue cats that she and her husband care for, on canvas, with pigment, just as it's been done for centuries.

According to See, "I'm trying to continue good paining, I find that that's a rarity and that's not to disparage other contemporary artists. I just see that there's so much new media, and while that certainly has a place, you know evolving technology will always have a hand in art. I still like the preservation of a method that just isn't that popular anymore."

You can see most of, or obtain Nora See's paintings on her website or on Facebook.

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