Warning! Disturbing photo of cat cut in half in Covington area

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COVINGTON, La. (WGNO) — Neighbors in the Country Club Estates subdivision in the Covington area are outraged and terrified by the death of a cat.

They say someone cut the cat in half, perhaps with a machete.

According to neighbors, half of the cat was found in the front yard of a home.  The location of the other half is unknown at this time.  Neighbors say the cut was clearly made by a sharp instrument.

We’re told the owner of the cat is devastated by the crime.  Usually, we’re told, the pet was kept indoors but was allowed outside occasionally.

Neighbors say the cat was very friendly and probably walked up to whoever killed it.

Not only are people in the neighborhood worried that other pets could be targeted, they’re concerned that whoever is responsible could target a person next.

St. Tammany deputies say they have a couple leads in the case.  They say some teenagers were seen in the area before the cat was found.  But they’re not sure the teens were involved.

Meantime, at least one animal welfare group has been contacted and plans to get involved.

Below is a photo of the cat.  We apologize for its graphic nature, but it’s the best way to see just how barbaric someone could be.