Illegal immigrant accused of raping 10-year-old girl in Kenner

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Kenner Police Department arrested Hermes Rivera, 25, has been charged with the crimes of aggravated rape. (The Kenner Police Department)

KENNER, La. (WGNO) – A man living in Kenner has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape against a 10-year-old girl after the victim was seen in a video claiming they “made love,” police said.

The mother of the girl found the cell phone video on Thursday, April 16, 2015. It was recorded by her daughter. On it, the victim alleged that she and her mother’s boyfriend had “made love” three times.

After confronting her daughter, police said the 10-year-old victim told her mother it happened in their bedroom.

25-year-old Hermes Rivera admitted to police that he had sex with the victim three times between March and April 3, 2015.

Rivera remains in custody. At the writing of this report, no  bond had been set.

Police said Rivera is an undocumented immigrant.

Kenner Police Chief Michael J. Glaser urges anyone with information concerning Hermes Rivera, to call the Kenner Police Detective Joseph McRae at (504) 712-2330 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.


  • pompey

    “Chile shitters” must be hard up going after children. But if you consider their president and supporter who is a gay $igger communist then child rape is brought into clearer focus…!

  • Russell Benigno

    Can someone say, “Death Penalty” instead of sending him back across the boarder and having him come back next week. If only us American could commit crimes and get off so easy. But then again we’d be like commiecrates.

    • Mkelley

      Death penalty? We’ll be lucky if they don’t let him go:

      –The Obama administration has ordered federal agents responsible for protecting one of the nation’s busiest and most crime-infested regions near Mexico to stop apprehending drunk drivers, according to an internal government memo that also concedes an officer that elects to detain them is “acting within the course and scope of his employment.”

      Obtained by Judicial Watch this week, the notice is titled “Enforcement Options With Alcohol-Impaired Drivers” and directs the 4,000-plus U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Tucson, Arizona sector to “release” individuals under the influence and “allow them to go on their way.” The document acknowledges that this feels counter-intuitive for Border Patrol agents, but eases concerns by answering a hypothetical question for the officers who have sworn to uphold the law: “If you allow this driver to continue down the road and they kill someone, aren’t you liable?” The answer is no, according to the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo. “There is no legal requirement for a Border Patrol agent to intervene in a state crime, including DUI,” the order says, adding that “therefore there is generally no liability that will attach to the agent or agency for failing to act in this situation.”–

      • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

        Sorry, Colleen, that’s a nice thought, but it doesn’t really happen that way.
        ‘Skinners’, as child molesters are called in prison, are segregated from the other inmates. They are protected from harm and rarely end up receiving the justice they so richly deserve.

  • Dennis

    Luis Gutierrez thinks this illegal invader should be set free, after all we’ve already set loose tens of thousands of men that have killed and raped thanks to Obama ! I believe its upto 23,000 of these horrible crimes and because of their special ‘untouchable’ status, they dont get deported and they dont remain in jail.

    Thanks Obama, Holder, Johnson, and Gutierrez , you’ve done so much for the USA !

  • TiredOfBS

    F’g BEASTS! The stories on this page prove that we need the death penalty in all states and also should consider birth control in the drinking water.
    We are producing millions of HUMAN DEBRIS who are going ’round injuring/killing/raping others.
    Time for some “tough love” to stamp out this BS.

  • Fed Up

    “Police said Rivera is an undocumented immigrant.”

    We have fallen so far that to call somebody an “illegal” makes one worse than being a “child rapist”.

  • Steven Pike

    Just another of Obama’s illegal alien kids having fun. He’s probably slated for a job at Homeland Security. Move along. Nothing to see,

  • Bob

    Just add him to the thousands of ILLEGAL felons that this lawless criminal Regime has released . There should be a class action suit brought by ALL the victim’s against this Regime.

  • Keith

    Like I said before. Any illegal that causes harm to my family, I am going after the illegal and thenvI will hunt down Obama.

    • Ohioliberal (@Ohioliberal)

      Publishing comments like that against any President only ensures that you will get a knock on the door by men in trench coats and wires coming from their ears that don’t share your sense of humor. How ignorant can you be in this day and age?

  • obamfag

    alias obama is liberal nazi white trash that is using muslime evil to kill as many Americans as possible.

  • Bastiat's Ghost

    But… but… you need to respect his “culture”. In poor Hermes’ culture this sort of thing is perfectly acceptable. We live in a multi-cultural world now, you understand, right?

    We’re dealing with a confidence game now, folks. You’re sitting across the table from Death, and Death is asking you real politely to please take some cyanide pills. You’ll feel so happy afterward. He promises.

    You either believe in this madness or you don’t. I don’t believe in it, and I never will.

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    The crime is bad enough, but it’s interesting to note that the 10 year-old victim seemed to think there was absolutely nothing wrong with what had been done to her. She was boasting about ‘making love’ to her mother’s boyfriend and apparently felt no shame about it.

    That’s some mighty fine parenting! Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been watching society slide into the sh*tter.

  • RepubliKLANSareNazis

    Thanks you stupid ass RepubliKLANS for not protecting rape victims! That’s KKKonservativism for you! Just hide your boys from this!!!

  • Phillip Parker (@ParkerPhilpark)

    Another “salt of the earth” undocumented immigrant in search of opportunity and freedom, committing the crimes that most Americans refuse to commit. He should be deported immediately his girlfriend charged with harboring an illegal immigrant.

  • JIM


  • Edward Boothe

    When Hillary Clinton was 26 years old, she was practicing law in the state of Arkansas. The reason she was practicing law in what she called a hick state, was because she failed the Bar Examination in the District of Columbia, and had to go down there, in order for the smartest woman in the world to be able to pass the Bar Exam.

    In 1975, when she was 26 years old, Hillary Clinton agreed to serve as the court-appointed attorney for Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old accused of raping a child after luring her into a car.

    Recordings, which date from 1983-1987 and have never before been reported, include Clinton’s suggestion that she knew Taylor was guilty at the time. She got him off by saying that the girl led him on, and demeaning the girls reputation in every way she could. The recording and transcript, with her laughing about getting off a guilty man, for raping a 12 year old girl, along with court documents pertaining to the case, are embedded in the links below. The charge was reduced from rape to fondling, despite the fact that the crime lab had reported that there was blood and semen on the little girl’s underwear.

    The full story of the Taylor defense calls into question Clinton’s narrative of her early years as a devoted women and children’s advocate in Arkansas. Hillary Clinton is a lying, scoundrel with no morals and no respect for anything except herself.

    Please Google “Hillary Clinton laughing about getting a 41 year old man off for raping a 12 year old girl” and you will hear in her own words how funny she thought it was. The 12 year old girl is now a 52 years old woman, and fails to see the humor in the verdict, of time served in the county jail for “fondling a child.” I hope this woman speaks out, and tells her side of the story, if Clinton gets nominated. Right now she is remaining anomalous for obvious reasons.

    If you want to see all the documents from the trial, Google: Thomas Alfred Taylor.

    Please ask yourself this question. Is this what you want running your country, for at least four, and possible eight years? This is only one, of a multitude of examples, which seriously bring into question the integrity and honesty of this woman.

    • Rose Rights

      There is nothing honest about the Clintons. Their lives evolve around lies. Their wealth was made with deceit. She will be as bad a president as the Obamalamagod, who is the worst. But the same stupid people who voted for him, will probably vote for Hillary-the-Horrible. Unfortunately, the idiots may now outnumber those with common sense.

  • Red

    Just another example of the scum Obama has let into the country. If he were being tried by the Feds, he’d get a free meal and a ticket home!

  • Rose Rights

    Child molesters should have their members cut off and sewn onto their forehead… forever branding them, as they have forever branded the innocent children they have attacked.

  • Jet3534

    Maybe Hillary will provide a legal defense for this rapist since she did such a good job with a prior defense of a man who raped a 12 year old (look it up libs).

  • Chuy

    This lowlife is thinking SCORE! Free accomodations and meals for life: in an American prison. He got what he came to America for. Now watch them deport him, so he can come back and do it again ad infinitum.

  • Gary Iampaglia

    I find this hard to believe. I’m sure this fine gentleman is a hard worker and came to America for the American Dream. Anyone who thinks otherwise must be a racist!!!

  • tom

    This goes on in Phoenix all the time by illegals OUR JOE tried to get rid of this scum but the Feds stopped him. A vote for Joe is a protest against the FEDS and OBLABA

  • Marie Bennett

    undocumented my butt He is an ILLEGAL call it for what it is. More and more of this trash is coming over our border. Say thank you to the Nit Wit President in the White House. You people who voted for him should be embarrased and ashamed.

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