Manly men in kilts help Ronald McDonald House families

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)-  The Ronald McDonald House in New Orleans is doing an unusual fundraiser!  Get ready to see some legs!  News with a Twist's Kenny Lopez explains why some well-known local men are wearing kilts for the cause!  It's the first annual "Men in Kilts" fundraiser.

Bet you never thought you'd see coach J.T. Curtis in a kilt?  This coach at John Curtis Christian School has won a whopping 26 state championships, but guess how many times he's worn a kilt?

"First time I've worn one.  I won't say that it will be the last time, you never know.  Don't expect me to wear a kilt on the sidelines though,"  he said.

Coach Curtis is one of 13 men who are stepping up by stepping into a kilt to help the Ronald McDonald House.

"These guys are great.  They are dedicated to helping the families and children who come to stay in the house,"  Janet Goforth, Executive Director of Ronald McDonald of Greater New Orleans, said.

A lot of times when kids suffer from illnesses and need medical care in New Orleans, they'll come here and need a place to stay.

"An opportunity for stability during a difficult time.  They can have a home cooked meal, sleep in a great place, and stay together,"  Coach Curtis said.

The fundraiser is online and you can vote for your favorite man in a kilt and donate to the cause.

"It's $10 a vote, and we can encourage people to make 7 votes minimum because $70 is the cost to provide services to families per night," Goforth said.

Along with Coach J.T. Curtis, the men wearing kilts for this fundraiser are:  Boudreaux the Zephyrs mascot, John Blancher and the Rock-n-Bowl crew, Noah with Matthew Colosino Jr. and Sr., John D. Fitzmorris, Casey & Ian Johnson, Coach Curtis Johnson, Saints player -- Thomas Morstead, Chef Matt Murphy at Irish House, Roy Olsen, Mark Romig, John Snell, and David Boyd Williams.

It's a friendly competition between the kilted men, but we all know Coach Curtis loves to win.

"This competition is far from over.  We got five days left.  We'll see how it all ends up,"  he said.

Saturday, April 18 there will be a special fundraising party at The Irish House starting at 7 p.m. where they will announce the kilt-wearing winner.