10 simple and safe April Fool’s Day pranks

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Don't forget that April Fool's Day is coming up. It's time to start planning your pranks! News with a Twist Reporter, Kenny Lopez shows us a few safe, silly, and simple pranks that are cheap and easy to do! He calls in the one and only actress and comedienne, Becky Allen to help!

1. The Oreo Cookie with Toothpaste Prank


For this prank, all you need is an Oreo cookie and toothpaste. You exchange the frosting inside with toothpaste. Minty fresh! Mint Oreos anyone?

2. The Mac-N-Cheese Looks Like Orange Juice Prank


For this prank, you'll need a box of mac-n-cheese and a cup of water. You mix the cheese mix with the water and stir repeatedly. The concoction looks like orange juice, and yes, the cheese pulp is included!

3. The Soy Sauce Coke Prank


Now this one just might make your tummy turn! To pull off this prank, all you'll need is bottles of Sprite and Coke. You get a packet of soy sauce and mix it with the Sprite. You then pour the Sprite and soy sauce mixture into an empty Coke bottle. Looks like Coke, but certainly doesn't taste like it!

4. The Soap Doesn't Get Soapy Prank


For this prank, you'll need a bar of soap and clear nail polish. You carefully apply the clear nail polish to the bar of soap. Leave it in the bathroom and watch as your family and friends try to clean their hands, but the soap just won't get soapy!

5. Draw a Spider on the Toilet Paper Prank


Draw your spookiest spider on a toilet paper roll! It's sure to make anyone scream!

6. Caramel Apple Onions Prank

Carmel onions

Instead of using apples, use onions covered in caramel to not only tickle your family and friends funny bone, but their taste buds too!

7. Put Tape on Bottom of Optical Mouse Prank

This office prank will trick your co-workers! Gets them every time!

8. Dress Like a Co-Worker and Act Completely Normal Prank

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? So who's going to be the one I impersonate on April Fool's Day?

9. The Old Flip Screen Routine Prank


Click Ctrl+Alt+the down arrow and the display will flip vertically and the mouse controls with it. Impossible to get out of unless you know the shortcut which is the same, but with the up arrow instead.

10. Put Chips or Pasta Shells Under the Toilet Seat Prank


If you put pasta shells or chips underneath the toilet seat, when someone sits down it will make a crunchy, crackling sound. The person will think that they cracked the toilet.

And for all you moms out there, Buzzfeed compiled a list of more funny pranks that your kids will fall for.


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