Dream it, build it at ‘IDIYA,’ a new makerspace for artists and entrepreneurs

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Thank the movers and shakers! The maker movement has a home in New Orleans, it's called IDIYA, a ‘DIY’ workspace where imagination can run rampant. "It's taking your idea, but do it yourself to take it from concept to reality,” says owner Domenic Giunta.

“We offer the space, we offer classes on the equipment and training on building different projects and then we also offer the equipment. 3-D printers, laser cutters, C&C machines, woodworking, metalworking. It's a monthly membership so it's almost like a gym membership but instead of working out your muscles you work out your creativity."

No longer do you lack resources and essential tools, you aren't bound by the burden of financing... The possibilities are endless! "We really felt like New Orleans really needed a space like this, we're one of the most creative cities in the world and it was frustrating that we didn't have the tools and equipment to be able to take it to the next level. Part of what we're able to do is help you create that first one and then also help you create a manufacturing model where you can start making multiple parts and multiple pieces and the other part is entrepreneurship we're really excited to be partnered with Propeller here, their business incubator is awesome. Part of my frustration is that a lot of companies out there need to raise all kinds of capital to do what they're looking to do. What we're looking to do is prove the concept, create a working prototype," says Giunta.

This is the future of design whether you just want to learn a new skill or make your concept come to life. What you create is entirely up to you, all dreamers, schemers and DIY-ers welcome.

"You know a lot of artists draw and paint and now to see those ideas to be able to make a third dimension and realistic model it's just mind-blowing so it's always fun to see the first customer come in that first time like wow."

IDIYA is located at 2705 S. Broad St. in New Orleans.

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