Tyler Wing’s Greatest Wingin’ It’s of all time!

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Every week since News with a Twist debuted four years ago WGNO News reporter Tyler Wing has brought us a fun and entertaining segment called Wingin’ It.

We’re sad to report today is Tyler’s last day here at WGNO

But he’s going out with a bang!

Here are Tyler wing’s greatest Wingin' It’s of all time.

Why is Tyler moving on?

On March 6, 2015 Tyler and Isela Guerra became the proud parents of their first baby boy Anderson Levi Wing.

Born in Austin, Texas… little Wingling weighed six pounds three ounces.

"Anderson" is a family name in honor of Tyler’s mother.

The Wingman (as best friend Kenny Lopez calls him) will be moving to Austin and be with the rest of his new family.

Tyler plans to keep on Wingin’ it, eventually passing the Wingin’ it torch on over to Anderson.