See the jail here that you never want to see in person

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) -- This is probably the only way you'll want to see the mobile booking station that will be operating in the French Quarter for the final few days of Carnival. Law enforcers discourage you from seeing it in person.

The station allows police, troopers and sheriff's deputies to process people in the French Quarter without immediately taking them to jail. Once a number of suspects are in custody, they will be taken to jail as a group.

This is the tenth year that state and local law enforcers have teamed up to operate the station.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman says 35 people were booked there last year. Common charges include resisting arrest, damage to property, and drunk in public.  Gusman says it can take up to two hours to bring offenders to the central lockup facility and return to the French Quarter during a traditional arrest. This allows police to return to their beats within minutes.

Police say the station will only be used for people who are arrested. People who commit any minor infractions will be issued a summons without having to be processed.

Anyone who is arrested will be released at the jail's facility at 736 S. Dupre in Mid-City.

"We don't want to bring you here to this mobile booking station," Superintendent Michael Harrison said. "But if you make us, we will."

The mobile station will operate through Lundi Gras.  Gusman says arrests typically go down on Mardi Gras so there is no need to keep the station operating through that day.