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Need to detox? Follow these expert tips for juicing in winter

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - "Winter is naturally a time to rest and digest and just take care of yourself more and we kind of do the opposite,” says Sheena Mannina, owner of RAW Republic. “When you have condensed fruits and vegetables in the form of juicing your body is flooded with the nutrients that actually save your body during this time and prevent illness."

To know what fruits and veggies are best, look to the local markets, you want to juice what's in season. "Citrus all the time, greens all the time, roots winter specifically more so than the summer… when we transition to the summer we'll do more melons, cantaloupe, things that grow more during the summer.”

“If you're juicing at home, a good ratio to keep in mind would be to do maybe two-thirds of juicy fruits and vegetables and then the other third you want to do greens or herbs, leafy greens, products that don't have as much available juice but have the most vital nutrition," says Mannina. This helps keep the juice nutritious and delicious!

Whether you need a quick cleanse or full-on detox, time of day should determine ingredients as well. "In the evening we focus more on nightshades, those grow more in the evening so they by nature are absorbed better at night. So root vegetables are synonymous to nightshades and those are your carrots, your beets, tomatoes are nightshades. Greens and citrus during the morning."

Warming herbs are the perfect addition to a winter juice; cinnamon, cayenne, ginger or mint add flavor and spice naturally. "Winter juicing is definitely just as popular as summer juicing, and definitely helps to cleanse what's been done during the holidays and also boost your immune system for the upcoming season,” says Mannina.

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