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Up close and personal with the beasts of Monster Jam!

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You can't be afraid of heights to drive monster trucks and there might be a height requirement, but most importantly, you have to be up for just about anything.
"You never know what you're going to do when you grow up but it's such an adrenaline rush and then the reaction of all the fans, the kids. We're a family oriented sport but the kids with the characters of the trucks, they're like big giant dinosaurs," says driver Chad Fortune.

Chad fortune has been a monster truck driver for fifteen years, but his truck Soldier Fortune is a new edition. "We were thinking about what to do with it, but you know I thought we're so fortunate here in this country to be able to do what we want to do, the freedom to make choices. I wanted to give back and make this a tribute truck to the men and women who are out there defending our country, making it safe for us to do things like this, play around with monster trucks."

These 16 trucks are built for power, doughnuts, wheelies, high speeds even aerial stunts. "It just turns you into a superhero, you feel like you can do anything. The adrenaline rush of just sailing these things like a rocket ship 30, 50 feet in the air and coming down and making it into a dance… You know you can hear the crowd as you're up in the air as you’re doing things. You can feel the electricity in the Superdome."

Sure it seems like fun and games, but this is serious business and these guys never disappoint.
"We're all friends when we're in the back talking to each other but when we're out here it's a competition, we're trying to outdo each other."

Monster Jam is at the Superdome at 7pm Saturday.

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