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‘Tchoup Industries’ opens new store for recycled, locally sourced handmade bags

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"We were just going to make 50 bags and see how they sold and they sold out within three months," says Patti Dunn, Founder and Designer of Tchoup Industries.
Their durable design and chic silhouette make Tchoup Industries products, hot little commodities. “We use the highest quality materials, our thread is a nylon thread that's very strong and durable we use industrial machines to put them together,” says Dunn.

They're put together right before your eyes, using recycled products sourced as close to home as possible.
"We wanted that transparency so people could come shop for bags but also see how it's made too. We've had a lot of people buy the bags just because they've been able to meet the maker it's like going to the farmer's market and being able to shake hands with the farmers that grew your food, you just feel better about making the purchase and spending money that way."

Every Tchoup Industries bag has a hang tag with a map that shows you where all of the materials come from.
"Alligator leather from Lafayette, our hooks are made stainless steel and they're custom design also made from Lafayette... They're still making all the bags that carry rice in Crowley, Louisiana, the webbing is still being made in Tennessee for the auto industry."

The decision to source from the states is a purpose driven mission, fueled by what Dunn experienced in the industry. "I grew up in North Carolina where they were doing a lot of textile and sewing manufacturing and I saw a lot of it disappear as I was growing older and my first job out of school was with the Coleman Company and I was working for them when they were moving sleeping bags from South Carolina to Asia for manufacturing, I guess that planted a seed and I always wanted to bring a little back,” says Dunn.

Now in their second year of business, they have their very first store, offering 13 different designs… all fashionable, all functional and all undeniably New Orleans.

Tchoup Industries will open February 1st, 2015 at 1113 St. Mary St. between Half Moon Bar and Magazine St.

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