6 months later, police still searching for deadly hit-and-run suspect

SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) - This Christmas will be different for Milissa Hubbard of Slidell.

"This will be our first Christmas without him. His stocking is hung, like it is, and will be every christmas," said Hubbard.

Milissa's son, 20-year-old Eric Fabre was a senior at LSU. The vivacious hunter and fishermen was studying "wildlife and fisheries" and was typically seen outside, wearing camo, usually surrounded by family and friends.

"Every picture I have of him he's smiling. He brought a smile to everyone's heart," said Hubbard.

20-year-old Eric Fabre was killed when a car driven by Janneh Trench crashed into him on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge.

Six months ago, Eric was driving his scooter down Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, when police say 35-year-old Janneh Trench of Vacherie crashed into Eric's schooter. Trench fled the scene. Eric died.

"He made me so proud. I have three wonderful children and he was the cream in the middle of the cookie. I miss him dearly," said Hubbard.

Police found Trench's car near the crash site in an abandoned lot. They say he tried to burn the car to destroy evidence.

After six months, police have not been able to track down Trench. His family and friends continue to posts messages on social media. They have gone to Trench's neighborhood and handed out fliers, begging anyone and everyone for information on Trench.

Both photos are of Janneh Trench.

Nothing's turned up.

Now, Eric's mother is reaching out to the public for help, and to her son's killer.

"He can come forward and do the right thing. Do the right thing. Go to the police and put my son to rest," said Hubbard.

Police say Jennah Trench has an extensive criminal record: Three DWIs, battery charges, possession of narcotics, bank fraud, forgery.

If you know anything that could lead to Trench's arrest, please call Baton Rouge Police at 225-389-7819.