Destrehan man goes all out for Christmas

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DESTREHAN, La. (WGNO) - Drive around town this time of year and signs Christmas is near are everywhere. Some are simple. Others are a bit more elaborate, and a few do it up big!

"It took us about a week. It took like 200 hours, you know, man hours," explains Jesse Savaski.

Over Thanksgiving break Jesse Savaski and his family get ready for Christmas putting up thousands of lights and installing one-of-a-kind decorations outside Jesse's home on Ormond Boulevard in Destrehan.

"We have the manger in the front with the cross; then we had the reindeer made,” explains Savaski, “I had bought those men from East Jefferson Hospital because they didn't want them anymore.”

The display also includes a custom made, three piece train, a rotating Christmas tree, a rocking horse, and an 18 foot tree.

xmas lights

Savaski says he started decorating homes as a child. Now he's spent the past 27 years decorating his Destrehan home, fine tuning almost every light.

"I'm getting too old to get on the roof. I used to do it, but now when I get to the edge I don't like it, so I don't do it anymore," says Savaski.

Savaski's daughter says the tradition was put to the test five years ago when their mom passed away.

"She had passed away a week before Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving time is when we normally do the lights, so at the last minute is when we decided to do it because we knew that's what she would want," says Ann Marie Daigle

Now the tradition lives on. It's one Jesse hopes to continue for years to come for his wife, his neighbors, and his nine grandchildren.


  • Liz

    I wish more people would decorate. In my neighborhood not that many people at all decorate, it is not like it used to be.

  • Kamill Schwartz

    You can stay in and still cook yourself a special dinner, ya know? Done it myself many times- there’s no rule to say you have to visit family, nor any rule stating you have to be a misery if you’re indoors by yourself. This year, though, I’m making the mammoth six-mile trek to my bro’s in Aldgate. I am cooking. You are -serious offer- more than welcome to join us, but not obliged to. Whatever you choose, don’t be anti-, enjoy it!

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