First “Fat City Fest” Fuels Familiar Future

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Metairie- The plan to revitalize Fat City is ramping-up a notch.

Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals are spearheading the very first ever Fat City Fest.

“It is the inaugural and we`re so excited to be a part of it,” says Jeris Freesmeier.  “We not only cherish the old but accept in the new.

Meaning a mixture of old traditions with new progress.

“Wow 40 years ago there was a snowball stand,” says Drago’s Tommy Cvitanovich. “The name of that snowball stand was Fat City. They said how about we call it Fat City? That`s a great name. And it stuck from then."

“I`m from here and I know all about Fat City, “ says Jesse Mustin inside Ms. K’s buying pralines with his bride Cassidy. “If you were going out to eat, you were going to Fat City. I mean, really. You can`t pick a bad place to eat here.”

The stretch along 18th Street in Metairie is awakening from a dark economic nightmare, to seeing bigger and better dreams which are coming true.

“It`s a lot cleaner, it`s a lot neater, it`s a lot safer,” says Cvitanovich. “And it`s a lot more fun around here."

Ms. K`s Pralines has weathered the economic roller-coaster for the past eight years.

“They`re the best.  Mmmm,” says Ms. K while handing WGNO one of her twelve varieties of fresh pralines.

She sees Fat City sky`s a clearing, “For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Valentine`s Day, Mother`s day, Father’s Day. Then it goes slow.”

‘You can`t ever have a bad time in Fat City,” reminds Mustin, who say both he and Cassidy plan to attend Fat City Fest, “It’s had its hard times but the main restaurants have always been here.”

Fat City Fest marks about three or four years into a ten year vision to boost business and lower crime, “To see what we`ve already done in three or four years, I can`t wait to see what`s going to happen in ten,” says Cvitanovich.

He hopes Fat City Fest will let the rest of the world know... Fat City is back, for good this time, “It gives us an opportunity to showcase Fat City. Plus, the Saints aren`t playing. So let`s go.”


Fat City Fest 2014

Location: 18th Street (Blocked off from N. Arnault to Edenborn)

Metairie, LA

November 15, 2014

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM