New Saints anthem ‘Easy Breezy’

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- There have been a lot of songs written about our beloved New Orleans Saints.  Now there's a new one called, "Easy Breezy", and it might just be the catchy tune that we all will be cheering along to in the Superdome!

Steven Scaffidi of Ghost Rider Pictures created a project called "Hit Me America".  "Easy Breezy" is the first song.   "Hit Me America" is about writing great songs and it puts the songwriters with an audience to come up with a song in one hour.

For "Easy Breezy"...four songwriters:  Rockin' Dopsie Jr., Scott Lee Tully, Lynn Drury, and Steve Blaze worked with kids from The Children's Hospital and Who Dat fans.

After the hour-long songwriting session, they took it to the studio to fine-tune it, and next up, Scaffidi hopes is the dome!

"My goal is to get 80,000 Who Dat fans in the Superdome on their feet doing the 'Easy Breezy' chant," he said.

The road to the Super Bowl may not be easy breezy, but with this new anthem, what's not to believe!

When you download the song, 100% of the proceeds go to Team Gleason and The Children's Hospital.

To download "Easy Breezy", click HERE: