Inside the crime scene: Family of Cameron Tillman explains what unfolded

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Houma, LA (WGNO) Outside of an abandoned home in East Houma a memorial grows, yet it's what happened inside that has the uncle of 14-year-old Cameron Tillman horrified.

“One of his friends, I forgot Kiah I think is his name, was sitting here and my nephew Andre, Cameron’s brother, was sitting over here and Cameron, Cameron was actually sitting over here, right here. They heard a knock on the door and so Cameron got up to answer the door,” explains Lionel Tillman.

Lionel Tillman says his 14-year-old nephew answered the door never knowing exactly who was on the other side.

“They parked like four houses down and just knocked on the door. Didn't say who he was, and he thought it was one of their friends just coming by, just to hang out with him. The next thing you know my nephew opened the door and he got shot, just that quick. Then after that, after the first shot, one of his friends closed the door to prevent him from getting shot again and he put a bullet clean through the door,” says Lionel Tillman.

Days later Cameron's blood still stains the floor.

Lionel Tillman says he knows what happened inside this home because Cameron's older brother has had to relive the terrifying memory over and over again.

“He was actually in the house when everything happened. He actually saw his brother get killed. Yeah, he has to live with that the rest of his life. He actually saw the gun smoke and everything coming from the gun as he was getting shot,” says Lionel Tillman.

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry Lapenter has said the 14-year-old was holding a BB gun that looked like a real gun and his deputy feared for his life. He's called the shooting a freak accident.

Lionel Tillman says there was a BB gun, but it was on the table. He says accident or not it does nothing to bring back Cameron.

Three other young men were arrested that night, including Cameron's brother. Louisiana State Police say they've been released and charges are pending.

At this point Louisiana State Police aren't confirming any details regarding the BB gun. All they're saying is that a weapon was found in close proximity to Cameron's body.

The FBI is now monitoring the investigation.

The deputy, who has not been identified, has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. The sheriff's office says he is an African American man, and a seven year veteran who is also a field training officer and a member of the SWAT team.

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