Big Al Carson: 495 lbs. of pure blues on Bourbon Street

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Let's hear it for Big Al Carson.

He's a music icon that's been doing it up "big" on Bourbon Street at The Funky Pirate Blues Club for 20 years.

News with a Twist's Kenny Lopez caught up with this local "blues man".

"You know, every night is a new night.  If you look at it like that, it's like starting over every night,"  Big Al said.

Big Al feels blessed to be performing in the same spot for 20 years.  The New Orleans native has made a lot of memories in the last two decades.

"The bar's changed a lot.  When we first started here the bar was right in the middle.  It was a circle bar.  The bandstand was much smaller too,"  he said.

Many memories and only a few setbacks.

"Looking back over the years, I wish I could've stayed a little more healthy,"  he said.

Though he sings the blues, his memories are mostly not blue.

"I met my wife here.  She was a waitress and the first week she walked through the door, I told my bandmate, 'I'm gonna marry that woman'," he affectionately said.

60 year old, Al's got a big heart and to him his fans are a huge part of his success.

"I'm so thrilled to see this man.  It's unbelievable.  It's definitely a highlight of being back in New Orleans,"  Debbie Domico said.

"I'm blown away.  He's spectacular.  His voice is like velvet,"  Lynne Monfrada said.

"I want to thank everyone for loving the blues and keeping live music alive,"  Big Al said.

Obviously a huge talent...495 lbs. of pure blues, so what's kept him and his band, The Blues Masters from moving on from The Funky Pirate.

"It's a place to grow musically, spiritually, and culturally,"  he said.

So Big about another 20 years at The Funky Pirate?

"The first day that you think I'm losing it, tap me on the shoulder, and I'll get off,"  he jokingly said.

A big voice.  A big personality.  A big heart.  There's nothing small about this man!

"I do things in a big way.  Go with the mystique of everything else, and you got Big Al," he said.

Big Al performs with The Blues Masters every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights starting at 8 p.m.  at The Funky Pirate on Bourbon Street.

All month in honor of Big Al, when you buy a drink, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a trip for two to Memphis.