Backstage at the Beatles 50th Anniversary Show

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Beatle-mania week in New Orleans capstones with your VIP back-stage access and front row seat to the really, really big show… The Fab Four, The Ultimate Tribute.

Ed Sullivan was there. “They are simply the best ladies and gentlemen. The Fab Four!”

The Fab Four rocked Tad Gormley Stadium Tuesday celebrating when John, Paul, George and Ringo did the same fifty years to the night (when it was called City Park Stadium).

Click screen above to experience the Magical Wingin’ It Tour… Step right this way!

On this journey through time we play along with the most authentic looking and sounding Beatles act that, “will make you feel all right.”

“I worked all summer to get the $5 for the ticket,” says a Beatle fan who was at the first show.

The Beatles are widely regarded as the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

The original Fab Four spent the entire 1960’s making Rock n Roll music.

And in one turbulent decade, evolved from cute rebellious British mop-tops, thru a psychedelic Sgt. Pepper era, leading to a counter culture revolution defining an entire generation.

Leaving future generations’ one simple message!

“Peace and love,” says the musician playing Paul. “Or love and peace, I don’t know.”




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