Sports Illustrated predicts Saints Super Bowl 49 win

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(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(WGNO) – Do you think the Saints will win the Super Bowl this year? Sports Illustrated seems to think so!

According to senior staff writer Don Banks, “New Orleans will take care of business at home, and that dome-field advantage will prove pivotal to beating visiting Seattle in the glamor NFC title game showdown between a heavyweight offense and heavyweight defense.”

Banks goes on to predict that we will beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 49.


  • Keith

    I agree. Saints are well balanced and have an excellent chance of securing home field advantage throughout playoffs.

  • michael gabriel

    i think super bowl pridiction wrong,so stupid and who’s the jackass for moving the players around like throughout the fuckup 2013-2015 season, the wildcard round ruined the 2013 season which makes madden nfl 15 shouldn’t existed on ps 4 and xbox one same with madden 25 and 13 was just stupid fuckup of connected carrears\connected franchise rigged the stupid nfl which they fuckup the nfl covers by posting madden 13 with calvin and madden 25 with barry sanders which shouldn’t of belonged on madden nfl 25 including adrian peterson shouldn’t existed on madden nfl 25 on ps 4 so,that’s madden 15 cover vote noexisted of stupid fuckup madden nfl series never existed on ps 4 and it shouldn’t been on next generation consoles and the stupid vote someone shouldn’t been richard sherman which is totally garbage of madden 13,25 and 15 doesn’t even count becase madden nfl series is garbage of stupid vote cover since nfl Gameday was before madden nfl series was some trash talk about this.

  • michael gabriel

    nfl gameday 2001,2002,2003,2004 and 2005 but before 95,96,97,98,99 and 2000, nfl gameday was better since sony did good back then.there’s one reason ea sports sucks at making football games, sure 989 studios was good making football until nfl gameday 2005 ended the gameday series which makes people fed and trash talk about madden nfl series,

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