Money owed to several NOPD officers still in limbo

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Capt. Mike Glasser has been with the NOPD for more than three decades. On April 12th, 2011 he was assigned to work out of a trailer in City Park. It’s the same trailer he's still working out of today, doing a job he says the City of New Orleans is not adequately paying him for.

Glasser is only one of several high-ranking NOPD officers affected.

“We've grown accustomed to dealing with the city in many regards on this, and this is actually somewhat typical. It's disappointing, but not surprising,” explains Glasser.

In all twelve NOPD Captains, four of them retired, and one NOPD Major are now suing the City of New Orleans. They want what they say and the City Civil Service Commission agrees is owed to them: a 10% pay increase that's retroactive and includes adjustments to their pension.

Wednesday afternoon in Civil District Court attorneys on behalf of the City of New Orleans were hoping to get the lawsuit thrown out. When Judge Christopher Bruno did not see eye to eye attorneys for the city said the Interim NOPD Chief Michael Harrison is willing to resolve the issue, yet the city doesn't want to settle just yet.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Raymond Burkart applauds the judge's move.

“This judge does not care about anything but the facts, the law, and what they instruct him to do. His intent is to get this right, and he will see that it's going to be done right if he has to,” says Burkart.

Burkart says the group is ready to go to trial, but their goal is to have a fair settlement.

“It's just a shame that it has to take this long and we have to go through this much effort,” says Glasser,” And of course, other people looking to come on board see this as well and say do they want to deal with this when they come on board. This is the kind of thing that undermines hiring and undermines retention.”

Both parties are working towards a settlement that they hope to present to the City Civil Service Commission on September 22nd. If nothing is agreed on by then it's back to Civil District Court on October 15th where the lawsuit is in the hands of the judge.

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