Don’t Expose Yourself: Tips to avoid smartphone hackers

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(WGNO) - "The problem isn't so much what we store on our phones, it's what we store outside of our phones. If you're really worried about safety, personal safety, personal information getting out the only thing you can really do is restrict what you put out there," says Joseph Merwin General Manager of myPhoneMD on Magazine Street.

We e-mail, text and take photos with them, our phones are less about calls than connecting to the internet, which means it’s time to get smart.

"If it's the stuff that's directly on your device then hackers have to go through a lot more trouble to get onto your device than they do to access anything in the cloud. They have to use very custom software, very specific software that kind of thing, they have to go through a lot of trouble to deal with that and they're not generally going to do that kind of thing. They wait for you to expose yourself," says Merwin.

Instead of syncing to the cloud or anywhere online, a safer source is an external hard drive. Make sure your phone is password protected. If its stolen or lost any pictures, credit card information and banking details are less likely to be compromised.

"More often than not if you do have a pass code on your device and someone wants to access the information they have to actually wipe the device to get past the pass code unless they're a really good hacker and hackers aren't that common that's why you see the big news about them going after big organizations because it's a much easier target for them."

Make sure your passwords are complicated, no birthdays and no phone numbers.

"We're all getting really impatient with it, we want to have access to all these things all the time and most people consider it an inconvenience to have to enter their password all the time you know, we don't want to do that, we want to have everything at the touch of a button and have it right away. If we want any kind of security in our lives with this stuff it has to start with us. the big companies are going to provide whatever they can but we have to do our part too," says Merwin.