Slap Ya Mama & Fleurty Girl team up to fight NFL

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Jack Walker grew up surrounded by a Cajun spice so irresistible that every time his grandmother used it she would get a loving slap on the back. Years later Slap Ya Mama was born.

“There’s a meaning behind that name. It’s ingrained in our culture, in our Cajun heritage. Slap Ya Mama means that something is delicious. Something is just great, it’s good,” says Walker.

For the past three years the brand has invested in their love for the Saints with the Slap Ya Mama Red Zone during preseason. This year their investment was unexpectedly cut short.

“We were just baffled. We were shocked. We had no idea that anything like this was going to happen,” says Walker.

Walker says they were told by Cox that the NFL has canceled their Red Zone Promotion. In a statement released to Slap Ya Mama Cox Media Louisiana says, “In light of the domestic violence issues facing the NFL, they have instructed CST pull the Slap Ya Mama logo from our enhancements in the last game, Thursday, August 28th.”

“Just to have such a large entity as the NFL associate our name with domestic violence, it was just a shock for us,” explains Walker, “There’s no domestic violence with it. You have to look beyond the words and see what’s behind it, and what it means in our culture.”

The move by the NFL affects tomorrow’s game, but as we speak Jack Walker and Fleurty Girl are implementing a backup plan. With just hours to kickoff Fleurty Girl has printed and is sorting 500 Slap Ya Mama t-shirts. The plan is to get enough of these shirts on fans come game time so that Slap Ya Mama is well represented despite the NFL’s decision.

Fleurty Girl started selling the shirts online Tuesday night and they say 24 hours later they’ve come close to selling out.

Fleurty Girl is trying their best to save a few to sell Thursday. If you’re interested visit the Lakeside location. The store opens at 10am and the t-shirts cost $12.


  • ahcontraire

    Slap your Mama is another stupid communication gaffe like Voodoo, Chocolate City and Big Easy.
    Is it any wonder why no company wants to relocate to New Orleans without massive tax incentives?
    Panhandlers all over the place, dumb names, Bourbon St mass shootings, and the City says there is nothing to worry about.

    No wonder why NOLA can’t even attract decent police recruits.

    • Bert Boyd

      Ahcontraire.And exactly what does your diatribe against new orleans have to do with slap ya momma? No matter what the topic you just cannot…cannot help yourself but to veer off into hating this city.

      • ahcontraire

        Would you rather me RAH RAH cheerleader and just let New Orleans continue in the downward direction it’s going? Oh, by the way. I am not the one who referred to New Orleans as the Big Easy, which just in case you don’t know, isn’t supposed to be a compliment.

        But let’s not forget around 150,000 people left after Hurricane Katrina and it’s now NINE year after and where are they? FYI, Do you know WHY the airport flights are higher? It’s because those 150,000, plus decades of population decline, are flying back to check on those that stayed or couldn’t make in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta. Make sense?


        Just goes to show why New Orleans is last place. All they, Louisiana politicians, think is gambling and drinking for the working poor to make them even more poor.

        Population Comparisons:
        New Orleans Metro Area 1.1M,
        San Antonio 2.2M,
        Atlanta 5.4M,
        Houston 6.0M,
        Dallas 6.7M,
        All of Louisiana 4.5M

        All of Louisiana is 18% smaller than the Atlanta, 25% smaller than Houston, 33% smaller than Dallas. Are all those gambling outlets working?

        In other words, the ENTIRE STATE of LOUISIANA is still significantly smaller than its comparison CITIES of Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. Additionally, San Antonio is still bigger than both New Orleans and Baton Rouge combined.

      • Bert Boyd

        My post simply stated that the subject is slap ya mama and that you use any and all opportunities to trash the city,regargdless of what the subject is. You get off subject so quickly because you just can’t wait to post something bad about the city.Your fingers are on a child on christmas morning.You just cannot help yourself. If the subject is about a new rat poison then you post how and why the dirty city has rats. Your condition may be treatable by therapy. Give it a try. No I dont want you to be a rah rah. I dont really care what you post ,but maybe try and stay on subject.The subject being is slap ya mama a healty businnes name that the NFL should aprrove of. So I am not arguing with any of your stats because I dont care. I will not research any of what you post. All cites, large and small have their problems and you seem pre occupied with the problems. Try looking into the little one horse town of Harahan and you will see a host of problems there too. Now..if you took a random survey and asked men women and children what does slap ya mama mean, then what would they say? I know your answer already…they cannot read or write because the city has alcohlics and fatherless children and the city bla bla. Correct?

      • ahcontraire

        > All cites, large and small have their problems and you seem pre occupied with the problems.
        If that was true, all cities, large and small have problems, why has New Orleans decreased in population for like the last 50 years? And since the 1830’s, New Orleans had declined in city rank for like 170 years?

    • Bert Boyd

      Oh my ..I can’t believe it. You missed something. While you were so itchy to write something bad about the city you forgot to read the part where I wrote that I don’t care. Take some advice and never take a college course on debate.You would fail miserably. In a debate you have to stay on the subject advised by the prof.So if the prof says let’s debate whether trees should be fertilized or not, you would immediately say that it doesn’t matter because all of new orleans are alcholics and the poluation is down bla bla, so therefore trees dont matter because we are the big lazy useless greasy. Just stand in a mirror and spout your puke and there you will find someone who listens and or cares

  • Bert Boyd

    I dont care what the secret meaning is. The words are…”slap ya momma”. If I name something “kill my father with an uzi” and say it just is a jewish thing is that ok? Words mean something. And for your info when I heard that saying in the early 80’s it meant that something was so good that you would hit your mother just to get to it. CHANGE YOUR STUPID NAME. And fleurty girl thinks she is the dragon slayer now I guess. This is different than trying to own something in the public domain

  • Bert Boyd

    I just asked my 90 year old grandfather from Eunice, what does slap ya momma mean. He said other than to slap your mama that he doesn’t know. What is this big Acadian tradiiton that you are talking about? If a 90 year old pure cajun from Eunice never heard of it then it sounds like some manufactured response to the NFL

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