Mother Calls Police About Son’s Suspected Burglary

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KENNER, La. (WGNO) – Two men are behind bars on burglary charges, and police say it was the suspect’s mother who dialed 911.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has more on the crime, and how police made the arrests.

“Pretty scary especially because I travel a lot,” neighbor Arlety Estevez said.

News of an aggravated burglary at a Kenner hotel doesn’t sit well with neighbors.

Police say a man visiting from Houston was lounging in his room at the Travel Best Inn, located at 2240 Veterans Boulevard, when a man walked in Monday night, wearing a mask and holding a gun.

“He said something to the victim. The victim thought it was a robbery but he couldn’t make it out because he didn’t speak English. He doesn’t understand English,” Sgt. Brian McGregor said.

The suspect left the room without taking a thing.

He was last seen running westbound toward Williams Boulevard.

Sgt. Brian McGregory says the victim may have been targeted as part of city-wide trend.

“We know that Hispanics are targeted because they are least likely to contact the police. They’re least likely to report they’ve been robbed and so forth to the police because they’re worried about immigration and so forth.”

“I don’t think nobody should not call the police or law enforcement if something happens to you. I think we should all stand up and actually call authorities no matter what,” Estevez said.

The hotel guest did call police; and so did the suspects parent.

Police arrested 19-year old Jeremy Ware after his mother became suspicious and dialed 911.

“When he arrived there we found a gun inside the room. It was later determined to be an air soft gun which was the exact replica of a real gun and we also located a mask inside the room,” McGregor said.

Ware also told police about his alleged accomplice, 27-year old Bernard Torres.

Estevez was pleased to hear police were called on both sides; especially by the suspect’s own mother.

“Call the police and get him on the right track. Hopefully, he’ll learn from this experience,” she said.

Police say under no circumstance should a victim hesitate to report a crime.

Both Ware and Torres have both been charged with aggravated burglary.