Dr. Rachel: Five Ways to Have a Healthy School Year

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Time to go back to school!

Here are five things parents need to do to help your kids have a healthy and happy school year.

1. Take your kids to the doctor for a thorough exam and make sure that their
immunizations are up to date. The HPV vaccine is now available for boys. So, make sure that
gets on the list.

2. Take them to the dentist to get those teeth cleaned and checked.

3. Take them to an eye doctor to have their eyes checked. You would be surprised by the number of kids who do poorly in school only because they cannot see.

4. Eat dinner with your kids and ask them to talk about their day. You can find
out how they are doing both physically and emotionally. Bullying is a big issue and this is
your opportunity to see whether this is happening in your child`s life.

5. Give your kids a big hug every day and tell them “I love you.”

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