‘Flubber’ Does Exist and It’s Saving Lives

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Remember that one Robin Williams movie where he played a mad professor who invented a rubber-like substance he called, Flubber. The goo didn’t just make for a box office hit, a company in England has now developed a revolutionary putty that is being used in war zones, on Hollywood movie sets, and the football field.

The Telegraph reports D30 is a a bright orange gel that is soft when handled slowly but stiffens immediately when hit. The patented material is used for shock absorption and impact protection.

“We’re a bit like Intel,” CEO Stuart Sawyer explained to the paper. “We supply the component, which is then integrated into the product. Like selling the zip for a jacket.”

Learn more about D30 HERE.

Sawyer said his company has partnered with a number of firms, some to create better football helmets and safety gloves for oil rig workers.

In France Police now wear a D30 body armor under their normal uniform to protect them in riot situations.

So is there anything D30 can’t do? We’ll see. Sawyer said his company wants to tackle the automotive industry.

The company won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise this year and is looking to raise money to open a new office in the United States next year.