Sword Swallower Eric Odditorium Makes New Orleans Even More Odd

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Sword Swallower

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Most people don’t like to be called a freak, but the world’s most daring sword swallowed would probably say thanks!

And there’s a reason this guy has the word “odd” is in his name.

New Orleans… meet the one and only Eric Odditorium, “The city doesn’t stop. I’m hoping that I found a home here.”

Because only he is daring enough to swallow a 20-inch blade, take a bow then let a news reporter pull it out.

Odditorium’s odd travels to freakdom went through places like Pismo Beach, Coney Island and Austin.

He’s now in the Crescent City looking to elevate his cut throat freak show to a whole new level.

“What I’m about to do for you is twice as dangerous as normal sword swallowing,” says Odditorium just before sliding the sword down his throat. “I’ll be risking rupturing my esophagus. Also puncturing my stomach.”

He also demonstrates how to pound a six-inch nail up his nose. Ouch!

The self-taught side-show act is available for hire.

Contact Eric Odditorium through his Facebook page.