NOPD Explains Delayed Reporting of Shooting Involving Officer

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Superintendent Ronal Serpas says he is sorry that a shooting involving one of his officers went unreported by the department for more than two days.  Serpas called it unacceptable.

The case involves the search for a suspect in Algiers.  Serpas says the man got into a confrontation with an officer who fired two shots at him.  The man was hit in the head by one of the shots; the other missed.

Serpas told reporters Wednesday evening that the bullet hit the man’s hairline.

The incident happened early Sunday morning in the 3700 block of Mimosa Drive.  But police didn’t make the information public until Wednesday evening.

Serpas says he approved the release of the information on Monday afternoon.

Serpas also wants to dispel any notion that the omission was intentional.  He says the NOPD has a history of releasing information any time an officer is involved in a shooting or is arrested.

“Evidence is on our side that this is not what we normally do, that we normally put this information out right away. I approved it to be released around noon on Monday. And it simply is unacceptable to me and to you and to the public that our office failed to get the information out, and I apologize,” Serpas said.

The officer involved in the shooting injured her hand during the confrontation, according to the department, and has been reassigned while the case is investigated.

The victim is in the hospital in stable condition. Serpas says the man will face drug, weapons and other charges upon his release from the hospital.