Fresco offers plenty to Uptown residents…

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Hey y’all, I shot a future Devour Power segment yesterday at Fresco Cafe on Maple Street. I went to Fresco to discuss their lavash sandwiches and their lighter fare. I was tipped off about this place from a coworker here at WGNO and it DID NOT disappoint. Fresco bills itself as a pizza place that offers great pies and more. Believe me, the “more” is really something special. After talking with Fresco’s Cory Yalcin, I was directed to try a few of Fresco’s more popular dishes. When all was said and done we settled on a Greek Salad, a Chicken Portobello Lavash sandwich, a Veggie Stromboli, and a Gyro Wrap sandwich.


Full table…

I tried the Salad first. I know some of you are probably finding it hard to grasp the thought of the guy that writes blogs about fast food products eating a salad. However, yes I do eat salads. I’ll save my fast food rant for a future blog. The greens in the salad were cool and crisp. The dressing was a house-made vinaigrette that was both sweet and savory. The veggies were substantial pieces. I was surprised how large the cuts of tomato and onion were in this salad. Feta cheese, chunks of artichoke and Kalamata Olives provided the “Greek” to this Greek Salad.


Greek Salad


The sandwiches I tried were both very tasty. I was shocked at the size of the Chicken Portobello Lavash sandwich. It was a very pleasant surprise to see this giant sandwich and some roasted potatoes fill my plate. There was a red pepper sauce on the sandwich that really elevated the flavor level. I thought the chicken, mushrooms and pepper sauce tasted awesome together. I wanted to hit this place for the lavash sandwich and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. The roasted potatoes were a really great side. They had a great taste and texture. They were seasoned with some rosemary and parsley. I was expecting fries, but was so glad the folks at Fresco didn’t go that route after tasting those potatoes.


I could tell you my thoughts on the Stromboli and the Gyro wrap here, but you’ll just have to wait for the upcoming Devour Power segment on Fesco’s to get the lowdown on those two items. If you are already moved to check it out, Fresco Cafe is located at  7625 Maple Street in Uptown New Orleans. They have dining room and patio dining. Feel free to tell them Zurk from Devour Power sent ya…