Bow Ties With a Twist: Would You Wear One Made From Wood?

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Want to stand out at your next formal event?  There’s a wood-worker who’s taking a unique approach to men’s fashion.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini introduces you to a man with a twist to the bow tie.

The bow tie is a symbol of elegance and a must-have for men in the South.

“I moved to New Orleans 5 years ago and one of the first things that I noticed was all of these really well-dressed men, stylish men, wearing bow ties,” says Robert LeQuire, owner of South Haven Wood.

The classic bow tie is getting a makeover.  A colorful wood shop in the Bywater is making noise in men’s fashion.  Robert LeQuire is replacing the traditional bow tie with one made out of wood.

“I think people are a little bit blown away by a concept that maybe they haven’t seen before.  Taking something that exists already in the world that’s classic and putting a modern twist on it,” says LeQuire.

A lot goes into carving out the perfect bow tie.  First, Robert traces his design, he cuts it out, then sands it down.  Sealed and varnished, you don’t have to worry about wood’s number one enemy.

“They are termite proof.  I seal them, I stain them so no termites can get in there.  Especially when I use cypress wood, which is toxic to termites and non-toxic to humans so they don’t want to eat the cypress,” says LeQuire.

Robert uses cloth from an old necktie to dress up the wooden one.

“Put an elastic on the back here and then they’re ready to wear,” says LeQuire.

If you’re not tied to the idea of a bow tie, there’s also the necktie.  Or for them ore modern person, the skinny tie.

“I’ll take old wood, various different types of wood.  You have to get them down to the right size, cut them up and then I need to create a channel in the middle here, up and down so I can string that through,” says LeQuire.

So if you want to make an impression, how do you wear a bow tie?

“With confidence.  That’s how you wear a tie.  That’s definitely how you wear a wooden bow tie.”

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