Fundraiser for Mother & 2 Young Boys Caught In The Crossfire Of A Drive-By Shooting

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While police continue to search for the gunman in a deadly shooting in the Holy Cross neighborhood, a French Quarter a bar prepares to host a fundraiser for one of their servers who was caught in the crossfire. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano says tonight that server and her two young boys are still in the hospital.

“I just pray that they all get better,” says James Spears.

For days it’s been difficult for James Spears to concentrate behind the grill at Bourbon Heat. Just footsteps from his family’s home a drive-by shooting Sunday night claimed the life of two and injured five others.

Among the wounded are his good friend and coworker Alanna Romain who was shot in the stomach, and her two young boys who were shot in the head. Friends say four-year-old Kyle may have lost his eyesight, while his little brother, 2-year-old Jamal is suffering from serious brain injuries.

“Something needs to be done about gun violence in New Orleans. It’s out of hand. It’s like kids having guns, kids getting shot, it’s too much. This needs to stop. I don’t know how it’s going to stop, but it needs to stop,” says Spears.

Police believe 33-year-old Terrence McBride was the intended target and drugs were involved. 16-year-old Jasmine Anderson was caught in the crossfire and killed.

Out of the five wounded so far two have been released from the hospital, while the Romain family continues to make progress.

Spears says neighbors who witnessed the drive-by say after the barrage of bullets the shooter exited the car to finish off Terrence McBride.

“What we need today and what our community needs today is for the public or someone to call Crimestoppers, call whoever you’d like, and give us the name of the shooter. Give us the name of the shooter,” says NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

While police work to seek justice those at Bourbon Heat in the French Quarter plan a fundraiser. Starting at 6pm Wednesday they’ll have a $20-dollar, plus all proceeds from sales will go to help Alanna and her family pay for medical expenses.

Bourbon Heat is located at 711 Bourbon Street. Entertainment provided by: Guitar Slim, Kermit Ruffins, Rockin’ Dopsie, 5th Ward Weebie, Big Freedia, James Andrews, Dj Chicken, & much more. For more information call 504.324.4664


Statement by Holy Cross Neighborhood Board Chairman

“The residents of the Holy Cross Neighborhood and the Lower 9th Ward all feel the pain of senseless loss, and share the grief of our neighbors who have lost a 16 year-old young lady and now have little children fighting for their lives. We pray for the recovery of all 5 wounded victims and extend our sympathy to the families of Jasmine Anderson and Terrence McBride.  We stand united in our quest for justice for this vicious act, and we believe the  perpetrators will  face the  judgment they deserve, both in a court of law and from a higher power.

“We call upon the media to refrain from making callous and inaccurate comments about our community in the aftermath of this tragedy. Comments which characterize the  Lower 9th Ward, or the 5400 hundred block of Burgundy Street as a “….crime-ridden neighborhood” are untrue and bring new pain to the victims and residents in the Holy Cross Neighborhood.  Horrific as it is, this was an isolated  act which the police attribute to drug activity.  According to the police, it could have happened anywhere that the victim ,Terrence McBride, was tracked by his killers.

“Sadly, there have been too many acts of violence in all New Orleans neighborhoods.  Far too many people in every corner of the Crescent City have had to deal with the loss of loved ones at the hands of  violent criminals.  The Lower 9th Ward has a long heritage of strong families who have weathered all kinds of storms including,  the  devastating  impact of Hurricane Katrina.  But statistics show that crime is no greater in the Lower 9th Ward than in other parts of the city.

“Ironically, on Wednesday at 9 AM, in the court of Judge Piper Griffen, the injunction of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association will be heard in our continuing protest against a developer who has shown contempt for our community.

“The developer, who wants to build two high rise apartment buildings by the levee,  is trying to profit from the mistaken notion that residents here are not capable of bringing the Lower 9th Ward back to life in it’s pre-storm fabric.  In fact, we are a strong community of one and two family homes who share each other’s pain at a time like this.  We are proud of our heritage and our multi-generational traditions.

“To pave over the green space for parking lots between the former Holy Cross School and the levee, destroy Live Oaks, and squeeze two modern, Chicago-sized apartment buildings into that  space would be dead wrong. Everyone knows that  the concentration of 354 apartments in such an area does not fit the  historic character of the Lower 9th Ward.

“A benefit will be held for the shooting victims still in the hospital  on Wednesday, 6 pm, at a club at 711 Bourbon Street where one of the victims works.   We are asking the neighbors in the Lower 9th Ward to attend.

William P. Waiters
Chairman of the Board, Holy Cross Neighborhood Association

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