NOLA Float Tanks: Make You Feel Like You’re Floating in Outer Space

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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) – Ever want to experience extreme buoyancy?  Now you can feel like you’re floating in space without even leaving Louisiana.

You’re being left in the dark if you haven’t heard of floatation therapy.   As you enter these completely dark tanks, you enter an enlightened world of ultimate relaxation.

“It’s sensory deprivation.  It produces this environment for your body to relax in.  It’s the ultimate form of meditation,”  Spencer Fossier, Owner of NOLA Float Tanks, said.

NOLA Float Tanks is the first float spa in the area.  Fossier first tried floatation therapy to help him with his Attention Deficit Disorder.

“It helped me have more control of my everyday life,”  he said.

Float tanks have been around for many years.  In the the 1980’s they were made popular because of the movie, “Altered States”, which is based on John Lilley’s research of isolation tanks.  Now, TV personality, Joe Rogan is a huge proponent and is making float tanks more mainstream.

“Someone would want to try a float tank because it’s good for stress relief, posture alignment, and overall integration of the mind and body,”  Fossier said.

The float tanks are filled with 850 pounds of Epsom salt.  The water is kept at 93.5 degrees.  Your ears stay just below the water.

While floating you feel like you are in outer space.   Fossier said that everyone has a different experience in a float tank, but ultimately it’s a relaxing one.

Floating naturally increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, which can boost your mood and give you a complete relaxation feeling.

If you don’t want to close the door, you don’t have to.  He suggests doing what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Float tanks have been known to help relieve pain in hips, knees, and the back.

Float tanks are a place to float free from distractions and stress.

“They give permission for people to be themselves,”  he said.

For more information: or call  504-289-4630

NOLA Float Tanks is located at 3013 20th Street in Metairie.