Hooray for the “Beef People”…

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Hey y’all, I did some grilling last weekend. I did some sausages and some chops. Normally, if I’m doing burgers or dogs I don’t worry too much about where I’m getting them. I mean come on, they are burgers and dogs! However, if I’m doing something like cuts of meat (chicken. pork, or beef) I prefer shopping at Winn Dixie. I have bought meat at Wal-Mart, Rouses, Winn Dixie and a few other grocery stores in the area. However, I lean towards Winn Dixie for one big reason, savings.






I love Winn Dixie’s “buy one get one” promotions. They really help me stretch my food budget. Also, if my wife and I are grilling for the whole family this deal usually gives us the opportunity to lay out enough food for everyone pretty easily. My wife has had a Winn Dixie rewards card for quite awhile. I just recently got one for myself. The card is very handy. Not only does it get you the “buy one, get one”, it also gives you other price breaks on individual items and it gives my wife “fuel perks” which she loves. “Buy one get one” changes pretty regularly. Sometimes pork chops will beĀ  “BOGO” other times, it will be beef roasts, other times it might be chicken breasts, or chicken thighs, or chicken legs. No matter what the item is, it is great to get it two for the price of one.


Buy one, get one


Wide chops


Bone-in chops

I also find that the cuts of meat are pretty good. My wife and I are always pleased with the roasts we get at Winn Dixie, but hey I guess that’s why they are called the “Beef People”. If I see that pork chops of any kind are BOGO, I snap them up. I generally don’t go crazy on the chicken, but if my wife wants me to do chicken for her I will certainly pick it up.