NOPD Payroll Performance Violations Found

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The New Orleans Inspector General’s findings on NOPD’s payroll mishandlings shows mistakes were made.

The payroll performance audit   reveals evidence police staff double dipped salaries on city shifts that overlapped with paid detail shifts.

The audit also shows some police are routinely working more than the sixteen 16 and a half hour shifts the department allows.

Superintendent Ronal Serpas says since the audit spans the time between last year’s super bowl, Mardi Gras and the women’s Final Four, there’s bound to be confusion, “It was the busiest time in the history of the New Orleans police department. A thirty year old computer system that has since been replaced had some room for error.

Serpas says a new electronic system to correct mistakes and better track payroll inaccuracies is working so far, “It’s completely up and running now. The payroll system now takes the question out of whether or not you did what you said you did because you got to use your finger print. It’s an all biometric system now.”

Both the superintendent and the inspector general say the municipal inquiry could lead to criminal charges against police officers and NOPD administrators.

The payroll performance audit results are from a sample of ninety officers out of more than 1,200 employed by NOPD at the time.