BK’s Premium Big King Sandwiches…

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Hey y’all, Burger King has recently created a line of premium sandwiches. They are part of the Big King collection.  The collection are a group of sandwiches that can be purchased two for $5. There are currently six sandwiches in this collection. They consist of the Big King ( BK’s take on the Big Mac), the Chicken Big King (same as Big King except it uses breaded chicken patties in place of burgers), the Extra Long BBQ Cheeseburger, the Original Chicken Sandwich (yes, the long one), the Mushroom and Swiss Big King, and the Big Fish Sandwich. I had the chance to grab a couple of items from this menu the other day and thought I would share my thoughts with you.

There are about four of the six sandwiches on this list that I have interest in. So I picked two sandwiches and a large order of onion rings. I must give Burger King kudos for having onion rings on their menu. I love onion rings! If I have a choice between sides for my sandwich I will go with onion rings most of the time. Sometimes I wish that Wendy’s would do onion rings, because I know they would be great. However, the onion rings I got from BK hit the spot. They weren’t cold, which is a common problem at fast food places. Is there anything worse than cold or stale fries? My onion rings were a good sized portion. They came with a zesty dipping sauce. When they said “zesty” they meant it this sauce had a bite. The onion in BK’s onion rings is more of a onion mash up than an actual onion ring. The taste is pretty good though, and hey it didn’t shock me you kinda know what to expect at most of these fast food joints.

2014-08-02 14 57 56

BK’s onion rings

The two sandwiches I selected were both burgers. I picked the Big King because I wanted to see how it holds up against the Big Mac. I also picked the Mushroom and Swiss Big King. I am a big fan of mushrooms. I don’t order a pizza without them. I also will find it very hard to not order a Mushroom Burger if there is one on a restaurant’s menu. So I was excited to try this one. I remember back in the day when Burger King had a line of signature double cheeseburgers and the Mushroom and Swiss was one of them. I used to LOVE that burger! The Mushroom and Swiss Big King is a little different than the old Mushroom and Swiss Double Cheeseburger. The Big King version has added mayo to the sandwich. My first thought was “this is different” but I didn’t mind the mayo. I wish that there had  been more mushrooms on the sandwich. It is a double-decker burger and they only put the mushrooms on the top portion. If there had been mushrooms on  both burgers that would have been great.

2014-08-02 14 59 08

BK’s Mushroom and Swiss Big King

2014-08-02 14 59 28

Mushroom and Swiss

The regular Big King was pretty tasty. It had the same toppings as the Big Mac. I thought the “Mac” sauce was fine enough. It reminded me of the Big Mac. I will say this about Burger King, sometimes that “flame-broiled” tasting burger is pretty satisfying. Their burgers do have a different flavor from the other burger joints. I wish the bun on this burger had been a little fresher. It was kind of stale and it took a little away from the sandwich. The sad thing is that McDonald’s product is SO inconsistent that it opens the door for Burger King to push in with it’s version of such an iconic burger.

2014-08-02 14 56 59

BK’s Big King

2014-08-02 14 59 47

Big King


I’m sure I will get the chance to try the rest of these sandwiches in due time. Maybe on my next BK trip I will try the Big Fish Sandwich and the Extra Long BBQ Cheeseburger. I have had the Original Chicken and it’s okay. I guess if I do a chicken sandwich, I may just try two Chicken Big Kings. Either way, when I try them out you’ll find my thoughts about them here…