State Police Release Dash Cam Video of Shamarr Allen’s Traffic Stop

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BATON ROUGE, LA. (WGNO) – A controversial traffic stop is at the center of debate between the driver, a New Orleans musician, and Louisiana State Police. Shamarr Allen claims he was profiled and roughed up.

State police deny those claims, and released dashboard camera video Tuesday to support their side of the story.

Troopers were searching for an escaped drug dealer last month, when they stopped Allen for suspiciously backing away from a road block.

“And as I pulled over they’re like get out the car, put your hands up, get out the car. You move, I’m going to blow your head off,” Allen recounted.

Colonel Michael Edmonson said troopers, “Asked him to place both his hands out the car, you’ll see he placed his left hand out of the car.”

Allen says he placed his hands up and a trooper grabbed his left hand.

“When they pulled me out the car, they slammed me on the ground, they slammed my face on the ground so for me it’s like man why am I being treated like this and I haven’t done anything wrong. Anything,” Allen said.

In a press conference, Colonel Michael Edmonson said after reviewing the video and speaking with troopers who took part in the stop that he’s pleased with how they carried out what was thought to be a high risk felony stop. He went on to say that there was no excess force.

“They didn’t strike him, they didn’t kick him, they didn’t punch him, they didn’t pull him they didn’t ram his head down. They didn’t do any of those types of things,” Edmonson explained.

He says he released the video because the public has a right to judge for themselves.

But Allen says the video doesn’t tell the whole story because it’s incomplete; and he was forced to sit on the ground out of the camera’s view.

“One officer is slamming my foot on the ground as I’m talking to another officer, constantly slamming my foot on the ground,” Allen recounted. “Just kept slamming it and slamming it.”

It’s a claim Edmonson denies, saying every action by the troopers was in direct response to Allen’s actions — of being non-cooperative.

Allen begs to differ.

“At 2:30 in the morning, by yourself with any police officer, any type of resistance means either you’re going to jail or you’re getting shot. I’m not doing either,” Allen said.

A spokeswoman for State Police says the traffic stop went on about two minutes longer than the video shows.

Allen claims he was detained 15-minutes longer.

He was eventually released when troopers determined he was not the escaped drug dealer.