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The Serious Dangers of ‘Thigh Gap,’ Not Just a Fitness Fad

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From the models and movie starlets to the magazine cover girls, impossible beauty standards are perpetuated in today’s social media mad world but ask health professionals and you’ll find there are few hashtags they hate more than “thigh gap.”

“I’m not God and I’m not Chris Angel, there will be no making things disappear. I can firm and tighten that if you want to develop that muscle, sure, you could easily develop that muscle group and make it more prominent but that’s the polar opposite of what they want to hear,” says Certified Personal Trainer of 19 years Tony Rodriguez.

There’s no secret machine, no special exercise you can do to achieve “thigh gap.”

“It’s all about bone structure and genetics, says Rodriguez. Which is why health and fitness professionals fear the trend has gone too far… And say the consequences could be serious. “The eating disorders, that’s what it leads to eating disorders, they start starving themselves, depression, poor self-image, poor self-esteem which, I worry about because I have daughters and they get that in their head and that’s the big problem. Then you need professional medical help that’s something a trainer cannot help you with.”

“Its social, it’s how you were raised, magazines, it’s a lot of different things, it’s the pressure of wanting to be attractive to men. I just wish these people with these hashtags whoever is promoting it would stop because it’s dangerous,” says Owner of Louisiana’s Health & Fitness Magazine Mary Piper.

It’s not just social media, the internet is filled with misinformation about “thigh gap”.

“Young girls like that are so easily influenced by what they see what they read, what’s glorified as what’s pretty what’s beautiful in the girl community,” warns Rodriguez.

“There’s what one percent of women who look like that I mean you have to accept yourself. It’s all about being healthy and fit,” says Piper.

After all, the true test of beauty that comes from within.