‘Let Me Find Out’ 5th Ward Weebie’s Biggest Song of the Summer

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – One of the summer’s biggest hits came from local rap star 5th Ward Weebie (Jerome Cosey).  In fact, Justin Timberlake decided to use it in his show, Sunday in the New Orleans Arena.  I spoke to Weebie about his song and successes:

LBJ: Let Me Find Out! You know, you been at it for a long time, Weebie, and you’ve seen the business and the music change. So what does it feel like to have one of the biggest songs of the summer.

5th Ward Weebie: Man it’s a beautiful feeling. Best feeling in the world, man. Especially to have the New Orleans support. The whole Louisiana and south.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be back on the scene and be back like this.

LBJ: You know what? I think there was a time earlier in the summer that I heard it every 20 minutes. Laughs. On the radio.  And it blew up. It’s very New Orleans. It’s that classic bounce beat.

5th Ward Weebie: Classic bounce music, man.  It’s the culture. I had to bring it back because that’s where I come from. I look up to all the… Jubilees, Big Pimp Daddys, you know, guys who came before me period. Juvenile, Magnolia Slim, so it was only right for me to go back to that original music, to that culture. It’s to pay homage, not only that, it a mixture a little bit with the new swag and do me.

LBJ: You certainly did you on this. This Thursday got an excellent thing happening, because it’s the world premiere of the “Let Me Find Out” video. But you kind of did this as a gift to the city of New Orleans, because you are premiering it here.

5th Ward Weebie: That’s right. That’s right. I wanted to give the people who supported me, all of my fans, all of the people that loved the record. I made the record, but the fans, the people of New Orleans, have adopted this record and made it their own. And said their own Let Me Find Outs on social media.. and made it big. I wanted to do an exclusive video premiere just for them before I release it to the world, before I release it to world star, BET, whatever.  Just kind of my present back to them saying than you. I appreciate the support. So I wanted them to get the first private look at the video before everybody else.

LBJ: Alright, so you say at the end of the song, you know I’m coming back with a part two. Tell us about part two.

5th Ward Weebie: Oh, man. Oh, man. That is some crazy… Part two, y’all got to come to the video premiere Thursday at Republic to find out who’s on part two.  Part two is amazing. Part two is going to be crazier than part one.

Warning: 5th Ward Weebie’s single Let Me Find Out contains graphic language.


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