What’s the Secret to Saints QB Drew Brees’ Buff Body?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – So how does our beloved Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees stay so fit?

He pushes himself with “TRX”, which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. TRX Training uses suspension equipment to give you a total body workout.

You may have seen the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated where Brees is wearing a “TRX” shirt.

To find out more about TRX we went to 504 Fit where instructor, Tim Vanderkamp teaches TRX.

“TRX is a tremendous core workout.  All movement originates from the core.  If your core is weak then all your movements will be weak,”  he said.

TRX was designed by Navy Seals and certainly does a Brees body good.

“Having Drew Brees do it is huge for TRX.  It really gets the word out.  Drew Brees is a god here in New Orleans, so anything Drew Brees is doing other people will want to do and try,”  Vanderkamp said.

At 504 Fit, Vanderkamp teaches TRX the same way Brees does it.

“Very exciting for me.  If you watch an NFL player, they have to jump in the air and leap 3 feet sideways, and get around linebackers, and move down the field all in one movement, TRX helps with those explosive dynamic movements,”  he said.

TRX isn’t only for football players.  It gives anyone mobility, stability, and strength.

“Drew Brees is alright by me.  Anything he does is great,”  TRX student, Jessica Lazer said.

“I always feel stronger after doing TRX,”  TRX student, Ashley Merlin said.

“Look at me, I’m drenched in sweat.  I know I’m going to feel sore tomorrow,”  Meghan Hays said.

Recently, Drew Brees said that he wants to play in the NFL for another 10 years.  We asked Vanderkamp his thoughts.

“I think if TRX doesn’t help him do it, nothing else will.  TRX makes you crime fighter strong in every way.”

504 Fit is located at 4500 Magazine Street in Suite 4.

For class schedules and pricing:  www.504fit.com

For more information on TRX:  www.trxtraining.com