This is What Happens When Two Cajun Lovebirds Move to the City

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HARVEY, La. (WGNO) – The story of the Steele family’s urban swamp is not your typical fairy tale, but it is a Cajun love story.

Lacary and Julie Steele now live in Harvey but this wasn’t always the case. Julie Steele is from Chauvin, Louisiana. In fact she regales her husband with stories of her “pet” alligator named, Coutille.

Lacary describes himself as a transplanted “Mississippi stumpjumper.”

Julie missed her swamp upbringing and well, Lacary had a solution. The pair built what they like to call the “largest urban front yard swamp.”

It’s next to a four lane highway, but it’s their house and their swamp.

It’s your typical boy meets girl, girl misses swamp, boy builds swamp story!

The swamp is complete with salamanders, turtles, fish and yes the occasional giant spider.

To each his own!