4 Oatmeal Brands to Start Your Morning

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Jon’s all-time favorite breakfast is steel-cut oats topped with oat bran and fresh berries. But are steel-cut oats really better than the quick-cook variety and those oh-so-easy instant packets? We’re about to find out, in today’s Get the Skinny with Molly!



Steel-cut Irish oats – least processed.  Heartier texture can feel more satisfying

Old-fashioned rolled oats – steamed first, then rolled to make into flakes. Slightly higher glycemic index than steel-cut oats.



Instant oatmeal packets – finely chopped, typically has added salt + caramel coloring, even in plain varieties.  Has higher glycemic index than steel-cut or rolled oats.

Kashi Go Lean Hot Cereal – Truly Vanilla

  • 150 calories – 5 grams soluble fiber – 6 grams sugar – 9 grams protein
  • Ingredients include oats, cane juice, chicory root fiber, Kashi Seven Whole Grain Blend, whey protein, soy protein, flaxseeds.



 Most varieties of flavored instant oatmeal that are sweetened with added sugar

  • 160-210 calories – 1 gram soluble fiber – 12-14 grams sugar – 4-5 grams protein
  • Common sources of added sugar:  sugar, evaporated cane juice, maple sugar, brown sugar


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