A Rally’s run. What can $20 get ya at Rally’s?

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So, the other day I was in the mood for Rally’s. They had a couple of specials I wanted to try. Right now they are doing Pub Burgers (a cheeseburger with fries and a special sauce) or Smokin Sausages (a smoked sausage link with mustard) for $1. The other special right now at Rally’s is a Philly Cheesesteak or a Chicken Philly Cheesesteak for $1.99. I tried the Smokin Sausage and the Philly Steak along with an interesting concoction called the Garlic Parmesan Stix and fries box. This is some of those delicious seasoned Rally’s fries and three cheesesticks covered in a golden garlic parmesan sauce. It was an interesting combination, to say the least.

As I was ordering, I started to get the feeling that I should do a little experiment for today’s blog. And that’s when it hit me. BAM! What could $20 get ya at Rally’s? So, I feverishly ordered away and after two trips to Rally’s in two days, not to mention $37 dollars of food later here are some thoughts.

$20 at Rally’s could get you…

Either twenty All American Cheeseburgers or twentyBLT’s or twenty Smokin Sausage sandwiches.

You could also get ten of the Philly Subs or Ten Chicken Philly Subs.

You could have five of Rally’s Whole-Lotta ice cream treats (they are around $3.50 each).

You could have six orders of the Garlic Parmasen Stix and Fries (that would total about $18).

You could have five Baconzilla Burgers (however, at $4.29 each you will go over the $20 threshold).

If you prefer something a little more on the sweeter side, $20 could get you eight medium shakes (I tried the new orange flavor, but they also come in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry) or you could score twenty ice cream cones (which come in vanilla, chocolate, or swirl).

I don’t normally drop $20 on a Rally’s run. I generally rack up a total somewhere between $8 to $12. I really like how Rally’s does that whole two for $3 or two for $4 thing.  I mean how can you not like two Bacon Cheese Double Cheeseburgers or two American Double Melts for $4. Good stuff…

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