Loved Ones Seek Help In Double Homicide Investigation

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Loved ones of victims in a double homicide are pleading for the public’s help to find who ever is responsible.

The shooting happened late Tuesday night in the old Desire neighborhood.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to family members who are now planning funerals.

They came together with heavy hearts; each one wishing the reason wasn’t real, but it was.

The two men who were known to always be together, as best friends died together.

“I mean this violence has got to stop, it’s got to stop because y’all not hurting him cause he gone. Y’all hurting us. Y’all hurting his son. That’s who y’all hurting,” Siddell Grant’s sister Tyneda Grant said.

29-year old Siddell Grant and 31-year old Joseph Simmons were together around 1:30am Tuesday when police were called about shots fired in the 3000 block of Edith Weston Place.

When officers arrived, they found three men inside a red 4-door Jaguar. Each had suffered gunshot wounds.

Siddell’s and Joseph’s injuries would be fatal.

“It’s a hurt. It’s a hurt it feels like my heart is broke,” Ronnella Simmons said.

Joseph’s sister can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt him.

“People have their presumptions about how they think people live their lives, but ultimately he wasn’t a bad person, did nothing to nobody,” Simmons said.

And that’s how Siddell’s sister sees it.

“I mean everybody get into stuff, but it wasn’t bad enough for them to take his life or nothing.” It wasn’t nothing. He didn’t do nothing for them to take his life,” Grant said.

Tuesday night’s candle-light vigil was to honor the victims, to pray for justice, and pray for witnesses to come forward.

“He would do the same for y’all. If something was to happen and he knew something about it, he’ll go tell,” Simmons said.

“I just want somebody to speak out and I want justice for my brother. I want justice for Siddell and Joe. I want justice for both to them,” Grant said.

The 18-year old male sustained a gunshot wound to the leg.

He remains in stable condition.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call Crimestoppers (504) 822-1111.

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    How come they were out at 1:30 am on a weeknight? Shouldn't they have been sleeping to get up for their jobs Wednesday? Oh . . . wait a minute. Must have been getting money somewhere to afford that big ol' rock in his ear and a Jag. What in God's name is the matter with ya'll?

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