Fashion Forward Sunglasses Inspired by New Orleans Neighborhoods

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – From paper, to prototype, to product: It takes patience to start a business but one year after KREWE du optic’s launch artist and entrepreneur Stirling Barrett’s vision is still crystal clear.

“All of our designs we produce, we actually sketch by hand so we start with just rough sketches based on dimensions and then millimeters of change can make a huge difference in the final product… From sketch to on the consumer’s face at quickest is about six months. There’s a lot of time involved there, our production timeline is pretty quick and its ninety days,” says Barrett.

“The type of art I was doing was really based on line and perspective and how it worked in the frame of an image and sun glass design is really based on line and perspective and how it interacts with your face so the principles of design transferred really well. We take inspiration from all areas from The Fly to St. Louis to LGD or Lower Garden District and Olivier and Algiers Point, so we bring it all together to inform our designs and hopefully represent a segment or something in that area.”

Unique like their New Orleans neighborhood namesakes these ‘sunnies’ are also set apart by what you don’t see. You won’t find any large logos on the frames.

“We really are about representing your individual style in a positive way so, when somebody buys into ‘Krewe’ or buys a pair of sunglasses they’re really part of our Krewe and part of that creative force because people are ultimately our brand. Without New Orleanians being supportive of local brands and ideas that wouldn’t be shared in Elle Magazine or Harper’s or Southern Living or Garden and Gun none of those things would happen without local people,” says Barrett.

You can purchase KREWE du optic sunglasses online or at local retailers.