Taco Bell’s Breakfast Menu…

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Hey y’all. Recently, Taco Bell jumped into the fast-food breakfast game. Before I write anything else, I have to confess that I LOVE Taco Bell. I have been into the Bell since my high school days. At the risk of dating myself, I fondly remember the days of 39 cent tacos.

Okay, on to this breakfast grub. Taco bell launched their breakfast menu a few months back with a handful of items ranging from basic breakfast burritos filled with either sausage, egg and cheese or bacon, egg and cheese they also offered the AM Crunchwrap (a tortilla filled with either bacon or sausage, eggs, cheese and a hash brown) and the Waffle Taco. There was a sweet offering on the breakfast menu tiny Cinnabon-style bites filled with a warm cream cheese filling. At the time the Bell launched these items I had to run out and try them. I grabbed a few of the basic breakfast burritos and a Waffle Taco. There was a lot of hype about the Waffle Taco, so I had to have one (although I had a pretty good idea what it was going to taste like). I dug into my Waffle Taco and it wasn’t too bad. Now, I must state right now I had very realistic expectations. This was not going to be a gourmet waffle. It was also “fast food”. I mean come on, it is processed pre-made stuff that is meant to be quickly cooked and quickly presented to the customer. My first thought when I tasted the Waffle Taco was, “Wow, this Waffle is sweet.” It has a taste like it’s been treated with a maple syrup type flavor. For some folks this sweet taste might be too much. I was surprised by it but actually don’t mind it. I loved the breakfast burritos! Really, I trust Taco Bell to make me a breakfast burrito much more than McDonald’s and Burger King. Taco Bell’s Breakfast burrito’s are a decent size and the fillings taste good. They sell for $1.70 each, so they are a really great value.

I heard that the Bell had expanded its breakfast menu recently, so I went back this morning to try them out. One of those items is a Grand Scrambler Burrito. This is a larger or deluxe version of the Bell’s breakfast burrito. The Scrambler has sausage or bacon, eggs, cheese, tomato, onion, potato chunks and sour cream. It is very tasty, it is also quite filling. For a price of @2.49 it is also a pretty good deal. The AM Crunchwrap is also $2.49, but if I had to choose between the two I would  take the Scrambler Burrito every time.

The other new item I tried was the Breakfast Griller. This is the breakfast version of the Loaded Grillers that are offered on Taco Bell’s regular menu. The Breakfast Griller costs $1.29, and is basically the basic breakfast burrito with some added salsa and run under the press griller. It has a good flavor and the portion is very good for $1.29.

My run to the Bell this morning cost me just over $10. If you are having problems with a $10 bag of Taco Bell, I will spare you the story of my $26 bag of Arby’s. Now that was something…