Airline Passenger Snaps Awesome Photo of Lightning Strike

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We often don’t get to see thunderstorms from cloud level. This week an airline passenger snapped this dramatic photo of a lightning strike and posted it to Twitter.

“Caught this flying into Denver this afternoon,” tweeted Gina Hyams, mentioning the Weather Channel and Southwest Airlines. “Yikes!!!”



The photo she posted Thursday showed a bright ribbon of lightning emitting from a rain cloud and striking farmland on the plains below.

The bolt came amid a hot, stormy afternoon in the Denver area, according to the forecast from the National Weather Service’s Denver/Boulder office, which retweeted the photo.



Hyams said she had been flying into Denver from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey when she photographed the lightning using the “burst mode” on her iPhone.

Her flight circled the airport for about 15 minutes before landing because of storms, she said.