Wendy’s Pretzel sandwiches…

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Hey y’all! Wendy’s has brought back it’s Pretzel Cheeseburger and Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwiches that were originally introduced last year. These sandwiches are a shining example of what makes Wendy’s so different from McDonald’s and Burger King. Whether it is the square patty or the thicker more home style french fries or the more folksy advertising campaigns starring Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, Wendy’s has always been just a little different from its primary competitors. And that commitment to being different shines through in these two promotional sandwiches.

Wendy’s has always done it a little differently from other fast food chains. They might have been the first burger chain to offer an all you can eat salad bar. And to raise the bar, it included pizza and a taco bar. They weren’t shy about putting interesting seasonal and promotional items on their menu. Whether it was the Bacon Mushroom Melt, or the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich, the North Pacific Cod Filet Sandwich, or the Asiago Ranch Chicken Sandwich Wendy’s just seems to put a lot of thought and effort into those items. For the most part, these promotional menu items really deliver. Even promotional sandwiches that are on Wendy’s Value Menu, show that same approach to quality. Things like the Spicy Chipotle Jr. Cheeseburger and the current Steakhouse Jr. Cheeseburger are worthy of a try.

I recently had both the Pretzel Cheeseburger and the Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich. I thought that each sandwich was very good. I love cheeseburgers (some of you may remember that cheeseburgers are the whole reason our Devour Power segments began). The Pretzel Cheeseburger was quite tasty. I love the pretzel bun. It is chewy and dense like a soft pretzel and it holds up well against the sauce Wendy’s puts on the burger. Believe me, a lesser bun would not. The cheese and bacon make this a substantial burger (if you want you can get it as a single, double, or triple). I like the way the sauce tastes with the tomato. This sandwich uses loose leafy greens instead of the typical iceburg lettuce. It’s okay, but I would prefer the iceburg. The Pretzel Pub Chicken is amazing! The last time these sandwiches were out, I raved about the chicken version. After having one bite of it the other day, I was instantly reminded just why I felt that way about it. Bottom line is that Wendy’s chicken sandwiches ARE the gold standard of fast food chicken sandwiches. They are a generous portion of breaded, spicy breaded, or grilled chicken breasts. They aren’t highly processed or a mish-mash of chicken parts. The breading is just right, crispy and not too thick. I actually think the sauce tastes better with the chicken than it does with the burger. Wendy’s uses Muenster cheese on the Pub chicken as opposed to cheddar cheese on the burger variation. Everything on the chicken variation just works.

These sandwiches aren’t necessarily cheap. They both come in at about $5. If you opt for the double or triple Pretzel Cheeseburger, the sandwich will end up beingĀ  more like $10. However, the quality is there. I believe the old adage is true. You get what you pay for. Dave Thomas would truly be proud of these sandwiches. If you have anything that you would like me to try or a place you want me to visit. Drop me a message at ezurcher@wgno.com